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diacom badanie Review: Is it Worth It?

Wha is diacom badanie?

diacom badanie

diacom badanie

diacom precio

diacom precio

diacom precio

diacom precio

diacom badanie

diacom badanie

What can diacom badanie do?-Analysis of all the complex organs of the body:
The cardiovascular system
Digestive apparatus (gastrointestinal)
Bone and muscular system
The urinary and genital system
The pulse system
The endocrine system
Visual and hearing aids
Nervous system
Biochemical analysis of blood, hormones, oligo-elements
Detection of infections in organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. (staphylocoques et streptocoques, Trichomonas, chlamydia, et ainsi de suite)
Qualitative assessment of hormones, adrenal glands, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads
Analysis of body immunity
Allergic state diagnosis (nearly 500 allergens tested)
Testing compatibility with different drugs
Diagnosis at chromosome level
B. In Therapy mode, the device helps treat, through bioenergetic rebalancing, many diseases, including:
Bronchial asthma
Autoimmune diseases
Organic degenerative diseases
Rheumatic diseases
Gynecological diseases (menstrual pain, hormonal imbalances, prenatal treatment, infections)
Post-vaccine complications
Stress-related illnesses
Headaches / migraines and other types of pain
Eczema and neurodermitis
Metabolic disorders
Pre-and post-operative treatments
Viral illnesses

diacom badanie
badanie skanerem diacom
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How diacom badanie work?


How diacom badanie health analyzer Works-The diacom badanie health analyzer uses headphones to transmit sonar light waves through the eardrum into the human brain. The technique is totally non-invasive, safe and pain free. The patient simply puts on a set of specially made headphones with the sensor and transmitter, and lies back to relax while the tests are performed.
The method is based on an analysis of the brain stem’s electromagnetic waves (similar to Oberon and Metatron) which contain complete informational picture of the entire patient. The analyzer uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication, and uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cell’s own signals.
Over 100,000 pulses representing areas on over 500 listed anatomical body parts are presented in a single 30 minute session through the sonic headphones.
The sonar frequencies are outside of the human hearing spectrum so the patient hears and feels nothing. The resonance of electromagnetic waves is then returned to the computer and compared with an extensive database. The result is a presentation showing the condition of organs in the present as well as the past. There is also a report predicting organ state over the next 3-5 years.

diacom badanie Review: Is it Worth It?

diacom badanie DIAGNOSTIC System REVIEWS

Dupuy Damien
My name is Damien Dupuy, electronic engineer, Taichichuan practitioner and Reiki Teacher.
The first time i tried the Metatron, i was in Taiwan to film clinical research on Reiki. The director of Wan Wha, Taipei hospital suggests me to test this equipment, which he his working with for few years to integrates alternative and conventional medicine. I am now (3 years later) operating this “without equivalent” equipment.

Ed Strachar
“My name is Ed Strachar. I am a Spiritual Healer/Author with thousands of testimonials on the efficacy of my method. I tested the metatron to see if physical changes can be mesured and it has shown effectively which organ and tissues improved..” It’s an effective machine at measuring the energy within a persons meridiens and organs. Damien Dupuy is a very competent and knowledgeable expert on this device.

Pamela Manning
I have had the biofeedback twice already and would highly recommend it. There was a month between sessions, so I could follow the recommendations given. Second session showed an increase in liver strength by 49%… brilliant.

Victor Singh
My name is Victor and I am an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and Health Coach and Siam Reiki Master Teacher. I have refer clients to this Diagnosis in order to find the right nutrition for them. Part of my service include suggest the best nutrition and nutrition plans for them for the best outcomes. Since some of them have allergic reaction to some food it is best for them to know what is best for them and make them meet their goals easier without any delay. The result, they meet their goals in weight loss faster and also are physically stronger quicker too.

Florence Wildemann
I tried it as it was highly recommended to me a few times. It was very interesting to see how much information you can get (organs, tissues, allergies, diet, ideal sports…). I followed the advices given to me and I did a follow up 2 months later. We noticed an improvement of 35% to 50% on certain organs without taking any medicine. So yes I would definitively recommend it!

Katherina Dreith
My mom and I both tried the bio-feedback. I found this treatment so interesting because it was so precise on which organs had weakness and which foods to eat. Although I did not have any serious issues it did put this semi-hypochondriacs mind at ease. My mom has dealt with more chronic and acute symptoms which the diagnostic accurately discovered and treated. A month later after a medical check-up, all symptoms were miraculously healed. She truly believes it was the bio-feedback machine which helped her. Thank you very much Damien and please continue to help others.

Sera Shivnan
I first heard about the Metatron device over a year ago from Siam Reiki whilst I was in Bangkok learning my Level 1. Since then, I’ve been intrigued ever since to learn more about this “medicine of health” and moreover have my turn! As an ACE personal trainer and now a Siam Reiki Master, I’m a huge believer in preventive and complementary medicine and so I couldn’t wait to get the opportunity for my health check-up. My first treatment with Damien on the Metatron was back in June, a bacteria was detected in my body which was affecting a number of organs from functioning to their full capacity. Within 5 days of having my treatment and having had my “metatherapy”, I did a follow up check-up which detected that the bacteria had completely disappeared. Last week, almost two months later, I followed up once more. It showed a huge improvement in the majority of my organs that had been previously affected, most of which are now functioning normally. I am thrilled and very grateful to Damien to share his knowledge of this equipment in Shanghai!

How to use diacom badanie?

Connect the items cup link to the diacom badanie.
Place drugs or health food into item cup (Note: unless you are a medical doctor, you are not allowed to recommend taking a patient off their medication without the consent of their doctor).
Click the organs that you wish to assess
Place the headset onto the patient
Click vegetotest in the Diacom software, enter the name of the drug or health food, and then start the test to assess out the drug or health food impact testing.
After completing the test, the results will show in the in organ diagnosis list.
Press analysis key to carry out the drug or health food analysis comparison.
On the analysis of the comparison window, select the organs that have been detected and click auto search.
The comparison window will search the organs to compare and analyze automatically.

why choose diacom badanie?

Our diacom badanie technology got a Golden Award for Technology Innovation 2009, Bulgaria, EU.

Only the diacom badanie equipment works with the living biological object – all other devices work with a virtual profile of a patient.

All Sensitive Imago EU machines are assembled from parts manufactured in Germany and Korea (for connection of details we use a formula based on gold).

All our machines use patented SBA-sensors. All other machines use the older-generation trigger sensors.

diacom badanie offers the highest precision in the market.

Our Lifestream software is constantly updated and improved on a yearly basis. The features and capabilities are constantly expanding, the program’s potential is unlimited.

We not only sell you equipment, we train you to work with this equipment, we provide an opportunity of in-depth advanced training, and also carry out a business and marketing training for our local representatives.

Our devices are certified according to the EU legislation (2014/30/EU).

We provide a full service and support in our official center in Europe, providing 2-year warranty and post-warranty service.

The program safety protection is provided at the highest possible level.

diacom badanie is your best and safe choice in the market.


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