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How to choose the right diacom 3d nls software for your diacom 3d nls software.

diacom 3d nls software

What Technology Theory of the diacom 3d nls software?

What Technology Theory of the diacom 3d nls software?

Hardware Parameters:

1) body detection function: Detectable systemic 12 big system, 256 items of zang-fu

organs, glands, cell… , 4352 kinds of disease make predictive report,the whole body

120000 list ensure accurate detection. Users can saw their organs current and past,

and future 3 to 5 years of health and organization cell vitality trend.

2) the item(goods) analysis function: Can analysis food,

health products… The article such as whether to human

organs have the effect or damage, so as to carry out mediation balance life state.

3) repair treatment function: With energy spectrum restoration and repair function,

to the early stagesof the disease or has not been formed stage,

especially for pain spot repair has the very good auxiliary curative effect.

diacom 3d nls software

What Functions of diacom 3d nls software?

What Functions of diacom 3d nls software?

1. Green examination on the body without any harm.

2. Not only can see the health status of the internal organs, and also easy to know health trends after 3-5 years.

3. Rapid detection of 12 systems of the body tissue changes, can be comparison relevant range of scanning up to

300 completed the speed of light 100,000 scan points to ensure the accuracy of detection.

4. Quickly to help the user to understanding of the role of specific organ in advance.

5. To make test data on the efficacy of daily food or health food.

6. Provide the professional image of teaching materials for the training of the practitioners expertise.

7. Provide the basis tracking for the sale of health products efficacy.

8. Can provide personality health professional data recovery plan for consumers.

diacom 3d nls software

What is The 3 Main Functions of diacom 3d nls software

What is The 3 Main Functions of diacom 3d nls software

1. Detection and Assessment of The Human Body
The system can easily assess a patient’s physical conditions, disease trends, as well as forecast health direction over the next 3-5 years. Through a patient therapist relationship, the therapist is able to advise life style changes to give the notion of prevention is better than cure. A 3D presentation allows the client to visually see their bodily organs in their current state.

2.Assessing a client using the 3D NLS analytical system2. Confirms whether Food and Healthcare Products are Helpful Or Harmful to the Body

3.The diacom 3d nls software can analyze food and healthcare products and determine whether they are going to be good or harmful to the client’s body. This is useful in determining substances that could be causing allergic symptom in the patient.

diacom 3d nls software

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